Associated with Walker Martineau of 10/11, Gray’s Inn, London, United Kingdom, Walker Martineau Saleem, now known as Samdani & Qureshi, started operations back in 1985. Over the past three decades and with esteemed Supreme Court judges on its panel, this International Law Firm has maintained a benchmark, catering for various industries including Banking & Finance and Energy & Resources, both at a national and international level.

Coupled with Fenwick Elliott LLP, Sigma International along with PKE Associates and Al-Baar Trust, Samdani & Qureshi is expanding its intercontinental outreach on a rapid pace and currently holds offices in the United Kingdom, Turkey and Pakistan. In lieu of the constant evolving legal diaspora, Samdani & Qureshi has a wide spread international network of associates in major global markets.

In Europe, the firm is centric to London, Nottingham, Bradford and Istanbul while in Asia, its broadening global expansion has encompassed Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi in Pakistan marking a notable, legal presence ensuring efficient legal services to the clientele. With highly qualified legal counsels holding various specializations across Europe and Asia, the firm caters to both contentious and non-contentious concerns, ensuring comprehensive and efficient legal assistance to the clientele.

With transnationally reputed arbitrations to its name and proud to operate as the most accomplished and reputed international law firm in Pakistan, Samdani & Qureshi offers to its clients, a vast range of legal services in different areas of the legal compass. Offering top-notch advocacy assistance from constitutional, criminal, civil affairs to commercial and corporate practice, this firm stresses on the best interests of the clients and prioritizes pre-trial negotiations and settlements. Counsels from Samdani & Qureshi have represented renowned multinational companies in Ad Hoc arbitrations, International Arbitrations at the International Chamber of Commerce, Paris, at the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (“ICSID”), Washington D.C., United States and at the Arbitration Institute of Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.

Moreover, Samdani & Qureshi has set a strong, substantial, cosmopolitan criterion in diverse and multifarious industries extending from Banking, Real Estate, Power & Infrastructure, Media & Communication to Energy & Resources and Transportation, Warehousing and Logistics when it comes to negotiations. Inclusive of competency over Public Private Partnerships, Engineering & Procurement Contracts, International Trade and Intellectual Property, Samdani & Qureshi is a transcontinental entity rapidly exhibiting an upward trajectory in the global legal diaspora. The clientele further includes statutory corporations and diplomatic missions operating in Pakistan.

Apart from the legal services, the experts at this establishment host proficient and well-informed project management teams, which, in collaboration with Sigma International assure timed delivery and execution of infrastructure projects. Consequently, this firm administers effectual dispute resolution services for public and private sector organizations, facilitating competence in the legal framework governing the development sector of the growing economies.

Farrukh Karim Qureshi Managing Partner Samdani and QureshiAs the founding partner and pioneer of Samdani & Qureshi, Pakistan’s finest International law firm, I am proud to express that we have been leading the legal environment in Pakistan, for over three decades. Deeply valuing counsel-client relations and goals, our work environment echoes professionalism and a commitment based on human ethics and morals. With experienced and reputed experts from different industries working alongside legal specialists, we are well equipped to tackle complex transactions and provide strategies coupled with innovation, setting a benchmark in the market and industry.

Harnessing the young talent across the legal diaspora of Pakistan and our other locations across Europe and Asia, we believe in organic development. At Samdani & Qureshi, qualified legal practitioners provide the best legal services to our clientele with a personal touch and the spine of the firm runs through our counsels, experts, dedicated staff and of counsels, all of whom who have made Samdani & Qureshi, a transnational and evolving entity.

Leading and governing the firm in the capacity of a Managing Partner and having worked with premium and handpicked legal and industry specialists, has beamed the levels of transparency, equal opportunities and non-discrimination in our services to the clientele. Exhibiting a constant upward trajectory as we have walked along all these years, we have established a scale which allows us to attract and represent both national and international clients.

Farrukh Karim Qureshi

Managing Partner

Targeting innovation and global outreach, Samdani & Qureshi is at the forefront of the legal developments in the growing markets of the world. Addressing and valuing our clients’ requirements and tackling challenges of the corporate world without any compromise on imperative facets like integrity or quality, our objective is to constantly deliver practical and feasible resolutions.

The team at Samdani & Qureshi share and strive to achieve this vision.