Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions alongside the escalating global demand and safeguarding of power and energy assets signal the need to counter certain complex and challenging scenarios that develop within. These very impacts on the fiscal and monetary concerns and environmental conditions of a region make the Energy and Power industry, an exciting industry to work in, where the advisors are required to be up-to-date with contemporary developments and legal insight supported by a worldwide resource skill.

Here at Samdani & Qureshi, our team of legal counsels and field experts provide clients, comprehensive advice on energy, power and infrastructure matters which include Public Private Partnerships and Hydropower and Energy projects devised with climate change in mind. We strongly bond with our clients, in their best interests, providing advice on the entirety of the project, starting from the bidding, consenting, planning procedures through to the construction, financing, operation and maintenance till the project culmination.

The Energy and Power sector cannot be bound to one specific region. Since it is based on natural resources, which indefinitely relates to cross border dealings, Samdani & Qureshi has set its foremost precedence in expanding its network under the shadow of Energy and Power and our clients value the global outreach and experience drawn by the firm. Termed by the market reviewers as ‘on of the top tier firms in Energy and Power’, we have drawn landmark deals in recent years which have in term fostered growth, prosperity and legal developments.

Aiding industry innovation is one of the main spectrums of Samdani & Qureshi. With advancing times and the globalizing era, clients push the boundaries of both scientific and geographical development, from the prime and most advanced energy, power and infrastructure projects in the world to the search of new avenues. One of our clients include an Italian Construction Company whom we have represented before the Dispute Adjudication Board with financial claims amounting to more than USD 35,000,000. Moreover, Samdani & Qureshi acted as a counsel for a USD 650 Million worth motorway project and has been addressing its associated disputes arisen, in Turkey, Pakistan and the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (“ICSID”), Washington D.C., United States of America. The firm is also addressing the legal concerns of a Mass Transit System in Jordan.

Risk management and compliance is of true essence to the working of the firm and it is duly exhibited in our dealings with the clientele. Carrying out risk reviews is quintessential to the processes and are detailed examinations of how we cater the client; is in accordance with the legislative and regulatory compliance depending upon the jurisdiction in question.

Counsels at Samdani & Qureshi are aware of both, the public and private infrastructure requirements which are pivotal in order to work on Public Private Partnership matters. Timely execution and a professional approach has made the governmental agencies gain our trust and we have in turn, valued a deep understanding of their roles and approaches to the key concerns and of the public-policy environment in which they function.

Banking and Finance is a fast emerging and highly competitive sector which has revolutionized global markets. At Samdani & Qureshi, we deliver a broad exploration and concrete, effective resolutions to our clientele under the shadow of financing transactions. Our expertise coupled with experience in numerous jurisdictions has facilitated us to meet a broad range of product areas such as Taxation, Merger & Acquisition and Real Estate making us a one-stop shop for our clientele in this industry seeking expert advice.

The firm caters to banking clients, non-banking financial institutions, corporate establishments and individuals, firms in resources, construction projects, loans, takeovers, security documentation and legal due diligence, project financing, recovery and employment laws. Moreover, our proficiency in a wide angle of Banking and Finance includes but is not limited to, preparing Transactional Documents, Drafting of Security/ Loan Documents, Advising and Pressing over Bank Guarantees, Corporate Finance and Security matters, Consortium Lending, Enforcing Security to recover outstanding amount, Litigation in Pakistani Courts/ Tribunals, Lease Finance, Project Financing, Insurance Work and Commercial Conveyance.

Furthermore, Samdani & Qureshi is the leading advisor to Khushali Bank, which has a market share of 21%. In 2011, Khushali Bank established its market leadership as the largest microfinance institution in Pakistan and was the pioneer of the Microfinance Sector in the country established aiming to respond to poverty and contribute to the social and economic communal welfare. Subsequently, we also advise NRSP Microfinance Bank which has been licensed by the State Bank of Pakistan to operate as a nationwide Microfinance bank under the Microfinance Ordinance 2001.

This sector encompasses both tangible and intangible assets. Hence, it incorporates more than just the drafting of contracts for purchase or sale of property, therefore making the practice area of Real Estate and Property Law a complex medium. This very complexity is still persisting due to the lack of uniformity and consistency in Provisional Laws. The intricacy of Real Estate dealings calls for practitioners to broaden and deepen their expertise as time progresses. The remit of the practice in this industry by experts at Samdani & Qureshi is multijurisdictional. Our innovative, effective and cost sensitive approach have won us longstanding relationships with our clients. We handle transactions for country’s leading banks.

We have built a team of specialists who are versed in the mundane drafting of deeds and are experienced in property and finance, property management; sale, purchase and transfer of real estate or real property, fund and asset management as well as all aspects of conveyancing. This includes the legal aspects of renting property and landlord issues, mortgaging, gifting, property development as well as home loans and foreclosures. We advise our clients on any interest, rights or benefits that maybe legally considered attached to the real property; renters’ and homeowners’ rights; title to real property; settlement of claims against property rights. Moreover, we assist in locating properties, investigation of the title of the property, maintenance and all other legal formalities for the client.

The transport and logistics sector is pivotal to the evolution of an efficient global marketplace. It is also an industry with evolving legal and regulatory demands requiring aid, advice and counsel that has an intercontinental approach. In such a massive industry operating in all corners of the world, the facets moved from rate, entry and exit regulations and an organised and well maintained, settled workforce to free entry and challenging logistics, and an assorted pool of employment and labour preferences.

Samdani & Qureshi is among the few law firms in Asia that have made a major assurance to handling the multitude of legal issues frequently confronted by transportation and logistics establishments, both domestically and internationally. This commitment is backed by our significant and extensive presence in the U.K., one of today’s most vigorous and pioneering hub for transportation and logistics.

With over three decades of experience in this industry and with a proven track record of successfully advising on some of the highest profile transactions in the transport and logistics sector, Samdani & Qureshi caters to a vast spectrum of clients, ranging from air cargo carriers, engine manufacturers, banks, travel agents, motor freight carriers (inclusive of tank, dry bulk, courier, armoured and private segments) to daily goods carriers, national and international cargo services, ocean and dry freight forwarding establishments and custom brokers. Warehouse operators and shippers are also catered by our team of experts and legal professionals.

For our clientele, we handle the complex legal matters specific to the transportation and logistics industry. As time has progressed in this fast globalising world, our lawyers have gained international recognition and industry specialists have enhanced their skills and problem solving capacities to further assist and provide an individualised consultancy.

Communication and Media Laws Pakistan

The legal spectrum around the Technology, Media and Communication Industry is essentially comprised of the legal rules and principles able to and/or designed to regulate the transmission of information in all its forms. Traditionally, this area of law has been of relevance to the media (the press, television etc) and public figures, e.g. celebrities. However, the advert of the World Wide Web and the almost ubiquitous use of user generated content via social media has endowed this sector which much greater significance to all sections of society.

Since 1985, Samdani & Qureshi has been at the cutting edge of legal advancements in the Tech and Comms Industry in Europe and Asia. Having expertise in providing advice on matters varying from entrepreneurial projects to complex and ground breaking and notable ventures of recent times, it is well established that this industry is subject to a swift evolution. With emerging digital companies escorted by multifaceted challenges, disruption, runaway technological development and significant change to the regulatory landscape.

While some jurisdictions are lifting barriers on high-tech expansion, other are placing stringent regulatory controls on theirs’, such as breach of data and protection of privacy. Here at Samdani & Qureshi, we believe that businesses must move swiftly to capitalise over the wealth of opportunities in this emerging industry and to stay ahead of the market competition, they need to spot and pre-empt legal technicalities before they arise. In lieu of these emerging concerns, ventures in this industry need to gel and diversify into fresh business lines alongside compliance with regulatory requirements quintessential to the smooth running of the enterprises.

You need legal counsels who have a detailed knowledge and experience in this sector to tackle these concerns head-on, often on an international platform. This is where our global team of industry experts comes into the field, spread across two continents in fourteen jurisdictions. Samdani & Qureshi backs telecom and communication establishments within all facets of their functioning capacities, including data protection network sharing, free speech, acquisitions, pricing sales, operations, product development, licensing and regulatory compliance. Two of our most valued practices include Cyber Crime and Intellectual Property protection.

With over three decades of international experience in the industries, we understand the scope of the sectors and are well established to configure innovative solutions for you. An absolute understanding of our clients’ strategic goals and objectives are of true value to our elastic, individualised approach to providing legal solutions. As long trusted legal advisors to some of the most treasured Tech & Comms companies around the globe, we are proud to have backed our clientele attain real commercial advantages.