• Arbitration/Alternate Dispute Resolution
  • Aviation Law
  • Employment Law
  • Environment Regulation
  • Insurance
  • Immigration Law
  • Litigation Services
  • Legislative Drafting
  • Legal support to NGOs and charities
  • Project Management Services
  • Property and Real Estate
  • Probono Work
  • Transaction Practice and Services
  • Taxation
  • White Collar Crime/Investigation
Alternative Dispute ResolutionAt Samdani & Qureshi our clients are our first priority. While adhering to the highest professional standards and ethics we provide tailored solutions to our client’s problems in the most cost effective and efficient manner. We provide our clients resolutions to their legal issues without having to resort to traditional litigation. We specialise in a wide spectrum non-litigious solutions. Keeping in view our client’s best legal interest, we engage in Pre-trial negotiations, Alternative dispute resolution, arbitration and mediation. 

With a large array of expertise in arbitration practice, Samdani and Qureshi has been able to build a local and international repute relating to investment and construction disputes. Our many years of experience also means that we are proficient in dealing with court applications in relation to arbitral proceedings, as well as determining which points will appeal to a particular tribunal, and deciding when to battle on and when to compromise. 

Samdani & Qureshi has had the opportunity of representing cases of renowned multinational companies / Trans National Corporations in Ad Hoc arbitrations, International arbitrations at International Chamber of Commerce, Paris at the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (“ICSID”), Washington D.C, U.S.A., and Arbitration Institue of Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.

Our notable successes include:

Our senior partner at the firm Mr. Farrukh Karim Qureshi has represented case [Bayindir Insaat Turizm Ticaret Ve Sanayi A.Ş. (“Bayindir”) v. ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN] before the ICSID, Washington DC, in respect of Bayinder’s $400m breach of contract claim against the Government of Pakistan

Samdani & Qureshi has represented Astaldi-Ferrocemento Joint Venture in their contractual suit worth $35 million against the National Highway Authority involving intricate questions relating to the FIDIC form of Contract. Astaldi is an Italy based group which has been involved in numerous infrastructure development projects.

The firm was engaged by SGS Société Générale de, a multinational company in connection with a dispute which, inter alia, involved questions relating to the effect of Bilateral Investment Treaties in Pakistan which eventually came up for adjudication before the Supreme Court of Pakistan.  The final judgment laid down principles determining jurisdiction of Pakistani and foreign courts to adjudicate upon disputes arising out of contracts executed in Pakistan containing provisions for resolution of disputes in accordance with the Arbitration Act, 1940.

The firm has also acted as counsel to LTEC equity holders in relation to disputes relating to valuation of shares and represented them in arbitration under the arbitration rules of Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, Sweden as well as the courts of Pakistan.

Aviation Laws Pakistan

The aviation team at Samdani & Qureshi is concentrated to provide legal resolutions to the entire aviation sector operating on a national and international scope. We have a widespread understanding in supporting, counselling and representing the international aviation industry. Our energetic team of legal experts have functioned in private practice and in-house across the aviation industry.

Our practice is diverse, wide-ranging and encompasses dealings with operators, Aircraft Transaction & Finance, Commercial Aviation, Regional Aviation, General Aviation, Aviation Regulations, Recreational Aviation and Insurance and Reinsurance. Internationally recognized, the expertise of our legal counsels in the following is unmatched in the legal market of Asia:

  • Licensing and Regulatory Advice
  • Ground Handling Agreements
  • Spares and Engines Contracts
  • Commercial Agreements and Joint Ventures
  • Commercial Dispute Resolution
  • Insurance Policy over in-flight death
  • Risk Management and Disaster Planning
  • Aviation Finance Endorsement Advice
  • Pilot and Instructor Negligence Issues

Some members of the team at Samdani & Qureshi have acquired a valuable, practical experience from practicing straight through the imperative areas of this industry such as aviation underwriting or as in-house counsels. Therefore, the team has a substantive and genuine insiders’ view of the industry’s obstacles around the world, including those ascending from how it is structured. As your legal partner in aviation, your time with us will be valued.

Moreover, ‘helicopter financing’ is a developing sector which falls within the bounds of aviation law and we are its proud pioneers. Through the means of helicopters, there is an evolving trend of multinationals flying their corporate associates to different locations. As a result, this leads to the reduction of carbon foot printing and less emission of greenhouse gases, further broadening and expanding the scope of Aviation Law in the global market.

Employment Laws Pakistan Samdani and Qureshi

The firm is dedicated towards providing legal services in order to resolve employer/employee disputes in relation to employment and labour laws in Pakistan. We provide assistance, representation in employment law legal proceedings and legal advice to those who are facing employment law problems.  The Firm can represent either party in Mediation, Federal Services Tribunal, Labour Courts, and National Courts nationwide.

In terms of employers we provide assistance:

  • To defend personal grievances at all levels
  • provides the most cost effective advice and support ensuring that the employer’s exposure is limited as much as possible
  • assist with disciplinary matters involving existing employees and can develop a performance management programme if necessary
  • advise on redundancy procedures in the event of restructuring
  • provide a fully confidential environment to enable employers to explore all options when dealing with staffing issues.

In terms of employees we provide assistance to:

  • full time workers
  • part time workers
  • government workers
  • contractors
  • workers on visas

on matters including:

  • wages and entitlements
  • leave
  • dismissal
  • redundancy
  • discrimination
  • issues affecting contractors
  • pension programmes
  • issues related to gratuity, Provident fund etc

Environment Regulations

Environmental law specialists at Samdani & Qureshi’s provide practical experience and concrete solutions on all contentious and non-contentious environmental and climate change issues. As establishments increasingly embed environmental compliance into their services, products, brand value and investment criteria, environmental law now impacts major commercial sectors and jurisdictions.

We are committed to safeguarding the environment and to providing excellent and affordable advice to all those seeking to do so. We have extensive experience in using UK, European and international law to challenge environmental decisions by government, local authorities and other public bodies. Our handles a complete range of environmental litigation and environmental issues arising in transactions around the globe. Giving advice to environmental campaign groups, remedies for noise, air pollution and environmental nuisance, for instance, concerns voiced by residential authorities against nearby local industry works, airports, are some of the legal prospects we have undertook and continue to assess upon.

Clients value our expertise and knowledge of regulatory benchmarks and the ever-changing landscape, shaping Samdani & Qureshi, a market leader in environmental law. Offering well-grounded legal support in lieu of compliance concerns, we look upon corporate and financial transactions, and disputes concerning environmental regulations and potential damages. The transnational nature of this area of practice and the continuous correspondence among our team of experts across the major global hubs, allows us to exchange experiences from our different jurisdictions about green markets and international environmental liability, and other concerns with an international legal approach, giving Samdani & Qureshi a distinct benefit over local environmental firms.

Furthermore, counsels at Samdani & Qureshi carry out legal environment due diligence and risk assessments, engage and supervise environmental consultants, negotiate environmental warranties, indemnities and other contractual shields and advise on environmental insurance. We also repeatedly administer impartial advice to facilitate clients to make viable sense of existing and anticipated national and international laws, such as those which apply to environmental permits and carbon reduction (CRC).

Establishments are often concerned about purchasing, industrialising or simply possessing or occupying land which might be contaminated. With the aid of technical consultants at Samdani & Qureshi, if necessary, we help the clients understand the concrete implications, to analyse whether they have any compulsions and if so to take essential steps to evade receiving a notice demanding them to remediate the contamination.

Insurance Help Pakistan

The recognised team of dedicated insurance and reinsurance lawyers at Samdani & Qureshi handle a vast range of insurance disputes and litigation. With a clientele ranging from general insurers to global composites and self-insuring government bodies, our focus on the Insurance sector signals the importance we give to the legal, commercial and regulatory concerns it faces.

Insurance against tangible and intangible assets and mistakes made by professionals, disputes between the insured policy holder and the insurer; between the insured plus the insurer and a third party; or between the insurer and reinsurer – are common grounds of insurance matters which the legal counsels at Samdani & Qureshi deal with. In the sub category of professional indemnity, we take opinions from experts, investigate claims, assess the authenticity and look into the coverage of a given insurance policy to evaluate an insurer’s degree of liability.

However, against a commercial insurance dispute, we have worked on a variety of claims which include property damage due to natural disasters and disputes between the two parties over insurance payouts and what the coverage comprise of. Being an International Law Firm, we recognise London as the global centre for insurance and reinsurance with a well-tailored and settled industry working over its own rules and traditions.

Insurance counsels at Samdani & Qureshi have set a benchmark against their precise and detailed mode of working. While we believe that worthy organisational skills are vital since lawyers often counter a host of claims at various steps, they must incorporate work efficiency to cater for daily deadlines and potentially fraudulent claims.

Immigration Laws

With over 34 years of experience, the team at Samdani & Qureshi comprising of legal and immigration experts provide legal assistance to international corporate seniors, banks, private and public companies, investors and individuals on their multifaceted and contentious immigration concerns. Samdani & Qureshi is a leading international entity which also works with a vast range of other immigration claims arising from visas that involve asylum, human rights, marriage and European Union movement. Our established repute for exceptional client-counsel relation is tailored with strong strategic immigration law advice.

Whether you are a budding entrepreneur starting a business, a global organisation planning to shift employees to a different location, our full-service immigration team is there to assist you. Providing specialist advice on all aspects of immigration law and the free movement in the European Union, Samdani & Qureshi has a concrete record in aiding families, SMEs and corporate clients including but not limited to, finance, consultation, manufacturing, travel, hospitality, retail and education. Our main moto is to integrate into the local environment which has helped us grow our practice to 14 jurisdictions, and counting. You access the well-reputed and respected experts from the Immigration Industry by working with us and regardless of the practicing jurisdiction, we at Samdani & Qureshi, are devoted to preserving best performances and international integrity.

Our transnational presence provides a platform for us to help our clientele to achieve their goals and based on the doctrine of flexibility, we work on a broad scope. For instance, supporting HR teams in managing their Asian and global immigration needs, providing business intellect on international trends and through sharing our expertise with clients through our consistent alerts, webinars and client centric trainings.

Litigation in Pakistan

Along our recognized, transnational expertise for Alternate Dispute Resolutions, Samdani & Qureshi offers experienced and known litigators in areas of civil, criminal, corporate, commercial, tax and constitutional law, based alongside the Apex and Trial courts of Pakistan and other jurisdictions of practice. We believe that regardless of the dispute, it is pivotal to seek legal advice at an early stage from a reputed law firm with a successful track record in litigation. Samdani & Qureshi builds a confidence with its clients over their legal team having an edge – often there is not only a financial interest to safeguard, put also potentially the future of a client.

No one wants to be exposed to a costly and stressful court case – and whether the client is a major entity, a Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME), or a private individual, Samdani & Qureshi’s litigation lawyers cater to each claim with the same amount of attention and firmness, with a view to accomplishing a rapid and most economical answer for the client.  While preparing for a court hearing, Samdani & Qureshi will continue performing on behalf of a client to conclude the concern out of court, if possible – our litigation team believes this is often in the client’s best interests.

While Samdani & Qureshi nurtures an expertise in matters relating to the Fédération Internationale des Ingénieurs-Conseils (FIDIC) Contracts, contract claims and defence, administration, contract negotiations, mediation, construction and contract drafting and review, construction insurance law and construction liens are our further areas of practice within the spectrum of construction law.

Moreover, with over three decades of experience in the sector of constitutional law, we have drafted and defended constitutional challenged based on federal and/or state constitutional provisions, in federal and provincial trial and appellate courts, including the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Freedom of religion, right to fair trial, sovereign immunity, and prohibition against cruel and inhumane punishment are some of the constitutional concerns we have previously dealt with. Furthermore, federal and provincial criminal trial practice by Samdani & Qureshi is exercised in the District Courts, High Courts and the Supreme Court of Pakistan encompassing the crimes of murder, rape, robbery, theft, kidnapping, fraud and corruption.

Legislative Drafting

Samdani & Qureshi has a vast experience and knowledge regarding drafting regulations and legislation on an extensive scale of legal concerns faced by governmental authorities. We have been closely knit with drafting primary and secondary legislative provisions on virtually all aspects, including Laws permitting governmental borrowing, creation of new special-purpose communal authorities, economic progress incentives and tools, interstate collaboration and investment of public funds and other governmental powers.

The creation of legal documents is essential to the practice of law and Samdani & Qureshi has advised various ministries, Federal and Provincial Governments over the drafting of both primary and secondary legislative proposals and measures. We regularly assist our clients in evaluating proposed legislature to keep them up-to-date and informed of variations to federal and governmental laws which may impact their working, finances and operations.

Project Management Services Pakistan

Long a backbone of contractors as well as other professional service providers, Project Management is moulding as a fundamental facet of the legal prospect. Project managers are now knitted among legal counsels and are progressively a constituent of “dynamic” law firms. It is the utlisation of knowledge, skills and procedures to execute projects effectually and competently. Project management skills are becoming increasingly imperative for lawyers to own or to at least have a rudimentary knowledge of.  This is because as clients are pressing on greater valuation, effectiveness, transparency, and, most of all, limited costs, project management has become a central fragment of the delivery of legal services.

Until recently, lawyers in Pakistan have remained an island where billing practices and the room of work have gone unquestioned. But as the clientele calls for greater “value” for their work, this trend is modifying. This is not just a directive to “do it for less” but it is also an admonishment to “do it more competently; do it more openly; and do it with the exact resources for the exact tasks.” Project managers are trained to do this; lawyers are not. Hence, project managers at Samdani & Qureshi ascertain that what is promised is delivered—on time, on budget, with transparency, and with predictability and accountability.

It is at present, playing a critical role in the conveyance of legal services. Its ascendency is especially noteworthy in legal environments, such as the U.K., where regulations are more permissive than in Pakistan and lawyers can partner with non-lawyers and receive investment capital. Our well-reputed project management services start from the bidding, consenting, planning procedures through to the construction, financing, and preparation of anticipated claims, operation and maintenance till the project culmination. They further include development, deployment and training which is increasingly becoming an integral part of achieving optimal pricing outcomes.

 Real Estate and Property

At Samdani & Qureshi, our lawyers have years of experience guiding clients through the subtleties of property law and effectively negotiating the best deals possible. With close collaboration with clients and a reputation for providing pro-active and commercial transaction advice in the real estate arena, our lawyers can assist on a full range of areas including:

  • Acquisitions and disposals;
  • Construction;
  • Environmental issues;
  • Industrial and residential development;
  • Investment;
  • Leases;
  • Litigation;
  • Planning;
  • Portfolio management;
  • Residential property; and
  • Retail.

Probono Work by Samdani and Qureshi

Samdani & Qureshi fully recognizes that civil legal cases can be expensive in a variety of ways i.e. financially, emotionally as well as in terms of time especially for the poor and charitable, religious, community, governmental and educational organizations.

Therefore, the firm’s Pro bono policy encourages its lawyers to reach out to such commodities that are unable to afford legal representation and are thus detained against their fundamental rights.

The firm has taken initiative on the cases of missing persons in Pakistan, various asylum case, illegal confinement and child abduction cases.

The firm has represented many people who had been reported missing for years and people who had been detained against their fundamental rights. The firm has also reunited children who had been abducted in Pakistan and filed cases against professional negligence on behalf of the poor as part of its pro bono work.

As part of its pro bono work the firm works in association with Al-Baar Trust which is working for the benefit of women and children who are a victim of violence. We provide free legal advice for these women and children who are unable to obtain advice from lawyers due to financial constraints and social pressures.

Transaction Practice and Services

Known in the legal sector as one of the imperative practices and with wide international outreach, the Transaction and Strategic Sourcing Practice at Samdani & Qureshi focuses on complex transactions and multi-party, high-gross project work which spans across numerous jurisdictions. Aiming on the development, safeguard, exploitation and utilization of intellectual property and technology-related assets through the growth of a company, we ensure compliance with relevant regulations and laws which are specific to this sector.

Encompassing research, preparation and analysis of documents which collate individuals and companies, our spectrum of practice caters from contracts for large corporate mergers and acquisitions to the closing documents for the purchase of a residence. In working with the clientele, which ranges from budding corporations to large, international establishments, the team at Samdani & Qureshi concentrates on governance rather than contract Administration. With experience spanning to over three decades in a variety of sectors, we provide advice on among other facets, pricing, performance and governance alongside innovative, modern day resolutions along with market leading technical expertise.

We employ legal specialists and experts who strive to defend the best interests of an individual, a business or multiple parties working together. Intellectual property rights, implementing complex sourcing, structural risk evaluation, economical and contract negotiations and joint ventures are some of the practices we cater to in this sector. Our first and foremost priority is to act in the best interests of the clientele with no potentially problematic loopholes.

Samdani & Qureshi deals with various companies within this sector. One such establishment is the German Water & Energy Pakistan (Private) Limited, a subsidiary of BAUER Resources Germany, to whom we assisted in variegated corporate matters including assistance in sale of company assets and preparation of contracts.



We are committed towards providing top-quality tax consultation and legal advisory to our clients. Our clients vary from domestic to foreign companies that are involved in diverse fields of economic activity.

Our team comprises of highly experienced lawyers, auditors and engineers who deal with all corporate, commercial and financial transactions in relation to tax aspect.

We advise on:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Corporate and finance transactions
  • Tax compliance- tax returns and audits
  • Legal opinion regarding tax, civil and commercial matters

White Collar Crimes

Samdani Qureshi is a flourishing litigation boutique providing individual and official clientele with premium representation in prominent white-collar investigations and litigation. With stellar repute as efficient and experience lawyers in chief jurisdictions, the firm has national practitioners in every key substantive area of government regulation in Pakistan. We believe that compliance plans and internal inquiries should have lives of their own; they should assist the wider framework of a business and its role as a corporate citizen.

Transnational entities face escalating legal challenges on a global scale. Penalties imposed against companies by multifarious national regulatory bodies are on the rise and implementation activity is mounting. Crimes varying from money laundering, fraud and bribery to sanctions and securities violations are gaining momentum and focus simultaneously. As states strive to regulate actions on a cross-border platform, information sharing and collaboration by international law enforcement authorities is enhancing.

Therefore, our corporate fraud lawyers foster an all-embracing experience of dealing with a variety of concerns arising from intricate criminal scenarios, in the commercial domain, including disclosure orders, tracing and freezing of assets, internal investigations, insurance, audit and public relations matters, civil recovery actions, regulator interface and safeguarding third party litigation. At Samdani Qureshi, the fraud and white collar crime team is an imperative part of the legal network also advising on business crime issues.

Being recognized by the International Fraud Group, Samdani Qureshi has garnered numerous accolades. Working with the corporate and public sector, our experts ensure that the client does not become a victim of white collar crime, frequently handling complex, high-stakes and multijurisdictional legal issues. With a global footprint, experience coupled with skill and innovation, Samdani Qureshi delivers comprehensive and cost-effective representation and advice to clients exposed to business fraud and civil and criminal liability across numerous jurisdictions.